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Where to Kitesurf in Cape Town

If you're wondering where to kitesurf in Cape Town, look no further. Our detailed kiteboarding spot guide gives you an insider view into popular kiting locations around the Mother City. All travel times are calculated from the Kite House.

Sunset Beach

Ready. Set. Go! This spot is the start line for many great downwinders. Its location means that Sunset Beach starts blowing first out of all the spots. Even though it's a few kilometers up from Dolphin beach, the swell is a lot smaller here. If you're new to wave riding or it's your first time kiting in ocean swell, Sunset Beach is your go-to spot.

Dolphin Beach

Located a couple of hundred metres up from the famous Kite Beach, Dolphin Beach offers very similar conditions. It's the starting place for one of the shorter downwinders and has a sand-free grassy spot for all you OCD-neat-freaks to pack up your gear. It's the Where There's Wind crew's favourite spot. Come find out why (#localknowledge).

Kite Beach

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, just a bunch of pro riders fully sending it. Playing host to the most impressive kiting event of the year, the Red Bull King of the Air, this spot is a must-ride. With consistent swell and wind, you can't have a bad session. Come ride with the pros and show them a thing or two.

Big Bay

Flat water? Waves? Strong winds? All of the above? Big Bay is one of the most iconic spots Cape Town has to offer, and even hosted Red Bull King of the Air before the event was relocated to Kite Beach. Not only does it offer amazing freeride conditions but it's also perfect for freestyle. On the outskirts of the bay, a surf spot named Kamers offers up clean waves.


Here we have wave riding heaven. This spot is located a few kilometres downwind of Big Bay and offers big swell with long rides. The swell breaks onto a rocky reef that offers an abundance of chunky lefts.

Shark Bay

Have you ever watched Jaws? With that massive shark? Well, you won't see any of those majestic beasts in this lagoon. Despite the name, Shark Bay is empty of man-eaters; it only contains harmless sand sharks. This flat water spot is located at the end of the West Coast National Park and works best on an incoming tide. Perfect for beginners or freestyle enthusiasts.


Hop over to the opposite side of the peninsula to Main Beach in False Bay, where you'll find the picturesque surf town of Muizenberg. This spot offers lighter winds than the West Coast spots, and even though the waves are smaller, the wind blows onshore so you need to know how to handle your kite.


Fancy a day out of Cape Town? Hermanus is 127km up the east coast and offers spots for all riding abilities and disciplines. On one side there's a butter-flat lagoon, while just over the sandbar you'll find the open ocean. Freeride, freestyle and wave riding, Hermanus has it all.

Misty Cliffs

Hoooo baby! Are you ready to send it? Located in Scarbourgh, and arguably the most picturesque spot in Cape Town, the Misty Cliffs scenery is made up of mountains meeting crystal-clear ocean. The winds get strong here and the swell is something to be respected, but if you're a confident rider you'll be like a young whipper snapper in a play pen.