What travel documnets are required to enter South Africa?

Depending on the country you’re travelling from, you may need to get a tourist visa to travel to South Africa. Please visit the visa page for general information on what is required.

Do I need vaccinations?

If you’re coming from a country that has yellow fever, you may be required to produce proof of a yellow fever vaccination upon entering South Africa. No vaccinations are required for exiting South Africa.

Local currency

The local currency in South Africa is the South African Rand (ZAR), made up of springbokkies, kudus, wildebeests, rhinos, elephants, lions, buffalos and, if you’re lucky, leopards. Go here to find current conversion rates.

Internet Connection and Plugs

There’s WiFi available at the house and many restaurants offer free wifi services. The primary plug point (Type M) is relatively unique to South Africa. We have converters available for Type C plug points. Here are a list of plug types.

What level of kiteboarding do I need to be to come on the camp?

Cape Town offers a wide variety of kiteboarding spots, each with their own recommended riding ability. However, the majority of spots in Cape Town do require an intermediate level of riding. If you’re able to ride upwind and are comfortable in waves then you’ll be able to ride at almost all locations.

Can I still come if I don't kitesurf?

Yes, of course. Even if nobody in your crew kiteboards, you can still come and enjoy everything the Mother City has to offer. However, we believe you’re never too old to try this amazing sport. If you’d like to kick off your kiting career, let us know and we’ll organise lessons with our network of schools. Let’s get you stoked!

Where There’s Wind primarily specialises in kiteboarding holidays in Cape Town, but we do cater for additional activities when there’s no wind, and for guests who aren’t kiters. Check out the activities section of our Holidays page for more information.

Is food included?

Breakfast, arguably the most important meal of the day, is included, but all other meals are at the expense of guests. We’ll make sure to recommend the best restaurants, coffee shops, markets and food stalls to meet your desires for lunch, dinner and snacks. If you’d like to cook in the house, we’re available to transport you to the local grocery stores to stock up on supplies.

When is the best time to kitesurf in Cape Town?

The arrival of the Cape Doctor in late October is always a momentous day for all kiters in the Mother City. This strong and persistent wind generally blows consistently until the end of March, providing ample opportunity to experience many noteworthy kiting spots. During this time, Blouberg overflows with fully-frothing kiters from all over the world, ready to ride at every opportunity and share the general stoke in a buzzing community.

Is kitesurfing equipment included?

Equipment is not included as part of the package, and we encourage you to bring your own gear – wouldn’t you rather form the bond of riding in some of the best spots in the world with your very own kite? The two of you will never forget the memories you’ll share together. However, if you’re in need of equipment for your stay, we’ll happily organise the rental, delivery and return of it. All you need to do is arrive and bring the gees.

If you do require rental, please let us know in advance. The cost of the rental will be calculated in addition to our holiday package price. If you have any questions about this, get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help you make a decision that suits you best.

What gear should I bring?

Kite sizes vary based on personal preference, gender and weight, but two kites are always ideal in order to be able to optimise any wind blown your way. Twintip gents generally opt for a 9m kite, to absolutely send it in the 25-knot-nuking winds of Bloubergstrand, along with a 12m to make sure no light wind ever goes unriden. Ladies generally go for a 7m and 10m. If you’re keen for some wave riding, men go for a 6m and women a 5m. Check this chart to get a better idea of what’s right for you (flip phone horizontally).

Is South Africa safe?

South Africa is often portrayed by international media as a dangerous place to visit, and while it does struggle with a high rate of crime, well over a million tourists visit Cape Town each year with no incidents, and the rewards of doing so are rich. The Kite House is located in a quiet, safe suburb and has all the appropriate security systems necessary to ensure the safety of guests. The kitesurfing spots are generally guarded and filled with kiters watching out for one another.