What's included?

Gear rental

We’ll kit you out good and proper. If you bring your own gear, you’ll get 20% off.


Nobody wants to do the walk of shame. Transport will be provided to bring you back to the start

IKO Instructor

One of our certified IKO Instructors will guide you down the coast. They’ll be the Samwise to your Frodo.


If you want some extra training during your downwinder, we’ll kit you out with a radio headset.

Cold Beverage

What’s a sunset downwinder without an ice cold beverage at the end? We got you.

f**king good time

We guarantee it.


Downwinders in Cape Town

Why stay in one place when you can have a change of scenery after every jump or turn? The Where There’s Wind crew will guide you along the Blouberg coastline to give you the full experience of the best spots in Cape Town (as well as some secret spots – shhhh).

The mystic dolphin

Dolphin to mystic

Short and sweet, long and sour…wait, does that work? Doesn’t matter, all we’re saying is this is a memorable downwinder. Take it chilled and enjoy the view, or race from spot to spot, it’s up to you and your crew. Jump in at Dolphin Beach and head on down through Kite Beach, all the way to Mystic House. How many downwinders can you do in a day? Is that a challenge? Do we have a leaderboard? Come and find out.

Beach braai

Sunset to Mystic

Slightly shorter downwinder and not as technical as Doctor’s Order, but just as epic. From Sunset Beach to Dolphin Beach, you’ll have the whole stretch to yourself. Things get a little crowded at Dolphin and Kite Beach, but stick with your guides and they’ll show you the way. The downwinder ends at the Mystic House where, if you get the timing right, plays host to a lekker braai.

Doctor's order

Sunset to Haakgat

This 12km downwinder lets you explore the whole of Blouberg in one go. Jump in at Sunset Beach, cruise through Dolphin and Kite Beach, stop off in Big Bay for a bite to eat and then continue on your way downwind to Haakgat. The Where There’s Wind crew will guide you on your journey and will be waiting for you with a cold refreshment at the end – because what’s a downwinder without a sunset drink to finish it off?


Downwinders are between 2 and 3 hours.
Bring your own gear to get 20% off.





per person

four or more


per person